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Date: Fall 2014

Project Description: We were asked to choose a topic to design an 80-page book along with a website.

Kind of Project: Typesetting, Layout 

Discipline: Typography, Print, Photography, and Website Design

Class: Type Systems

Professor: Lian Ng

Project Concept: I chose to design a book about the Maasai ethnic group of Kenya. My parents have a large coffee table book about the Maasai people that I always used to pick up and read as a child because of my interest in culture and ethnicity. The visuals kept me coming back. I was inspired to design a smaller, more condensed version of that book but instead, I wanted the typography to create even more visual interest than the photography alone. The color red is prominent throughout the book since it holds great importance to the Maasai people (preferred garment color, ochre painted on the body and hair, and nutritious and healing cattle blood).