Caribbean Dreams Rebranding

digital sketch of box layout idea.jpg
tea boxes stacked up.jpg
tea birds eye group.jpg
tea bags.jpg
tea bags 11 2.jpg

Date: Summer 2016

Project Description: We redesigned the packaging for a stale tea brand.

Kind of Project: Package Design, Branding

Discipline: Packaging, Identity, Print, Prototyping, Photography

Class: Package Design 2

Professor: Thomas McNulty

Project Concept: I chose a brand in my region to work with. I ended up choosing Caribbean Dreams which is a tea company based in Jamaica. I was familiar with the brand and I actually quite enjoy their teas. However, I think the packaging is dull and a bit generic. I wanted to redesign the boxes so they reflected the vibrancy of the tropical country and tea flavours. The shape of the box I made was used because it was a unique shape that had a very organic look to it which was inspired by the different plants that the tea is derived from. Another goal I had was to encourage people who weren’t from the Caribbean to give these different flavours a try through graphic design.