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Date: Spring 2017

Project Description:  I researched and selected an outdated brand based on keyword explorations and created an all-new identity for it. I developed a range of deliverables that supported the brand update.

Kind of Project: Branding

Discipline: Identity, Print, App Design, Stationery Design, and Swag Design

Class: The Nature of Identity

Professor: Thomas McNulty

Project Concept: The only zoo in The Bahamas, The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centre, was in need of a serious brand update. Their logo lacked thoughtful design and there was no preexisting identity. Upon a visit to the zoo, it was confirmed that an update was needed. I wanted to create specific guidelines that would ignite excitement for the zoo in order to encourage more visitors, volunteers, and sponsors. The redesigned brandmark was inspired by the flamingo, which is the biggest tourist attraction to the zoo and also the national bird of The Bahamas. Fun fact—the mark was the foundation of the grid created for the brand. The colors, typefaces, and deliverables had to look “cool” to my target audience. I wanted the brand to appeal to teens and young adults as they are the ones that will keep the zoo alive.